Four Unwritten Rules When Choosing Forklift Lights

Forklift lights are essential today to ensure warehouse safety, not just for drivers, but other employees and pedestrians as well. Forklift lights constantly get better and better over the course of generations, and today’s lights are brighter and last longer than ever before, while emitting little to no energy.

If you are in need of new lights for your forklift, we recommend forklift blue safety lights. These forklift lights are waterproof, come with strong mounting hardware, and can be installed on any type of forklift roof or bar. Assuming you don’t have any other blue light, it’s also a great choice to tell apart from other colored lights on other vehicles and in the warehouse.

When ensuring a safe installation and use of forklift lights, there are many rules you must follow so that your work environment is 100 percent safe.

One Forklift Light Won’t Be Enough

Many business owners that are new to the warehouse game make the mistake by believing that one overhead light is enough to provide lighting for those who have to work around the forklift. Even if your warehouse has a lot of lighting, it is necessary for a forklift to have as many lights as needed so that pedestrians can see lights that move in areas in which they work. Workers can still fail to pay attention or be looking at their phones, so many moving colorful lights are what might be necessary to get their attention if nothing else will.

Invest in LED Lights

LED lights are the standard lighting for many industries. LEDs have come a long way to become incredibly affordable, as they offer more brightness, a longer life, and little to no heat coming from them compared to older generations of lights. LED lights are also available in more colors than other types of lights, so if you are looking for a color like green, blue, or red, these are typically common colors for LED. LED lights are also compliant with OSHA regulations.

Use the Same Lighting Configurations for Each Forklift You Have

Many companies have more than one forklift they have to use. But one thing to remember is to have the same lighting for each of them. This includes the same colors, mounting locations, and types of lights. If you decide to use a mishmash of light setups for your different forklifts, it can be confusing for both forklift operators and pedestrians, which in turn can cause a risk while the forklift is in use. If each forklift acts and feels the same, there won’t be any issues form operators or pedestrians.

Don’t Point Forklift Lights at Pedestrian’s Eye Level

Always direct forklift lights down at the floor. Forklift lights tend to be bright, and when used like car lights, they can be really blinding and limit what pedestrians can see. Those that are wearing auto-darkening welding helmets can also end up with a mask of blinding white light as a result. Having lights pointed outwards can be hazardous. Directing the lights towards the floor in front of the forklift will still be noticeable by pedestrians and won’t try to blind them in the process.


If you are looking for lights for your forklift, there are many things to consider that will affect your decision in terms of what lights to buy. Today’s forklift lights come in LEDs and are available in many colors. If you have multiple forklifts, you will need each of them to carry the same lighting configurations. Also be sure to direct the lights down towards the floor for safety.